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Dr. Karen Frazer Rea, DDs
Reviewed by Debra M.

Service is provided in a friendly, professional manner. I am always greeted with a smile and pleasant conversation. Feels more like family versus a doctor's appointment. Keep up the AWESOME ATTITUDE!!!
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A very positive experience as a new patient.

- Mary W.

Oral Surgery

Sometimes, teeth need to be extracted. While many dentists will do everything possible to ensure a patient enjoys their natural teeth for life (such as root canal therapy), certain situations require oral surgery and the removal of natural teeth. Sometimes teeth are not restorable and need to be removed. Other times, patients may be experiencing pain and discomfort from their third molars, also known as "wisdom teeth." This will require oral surgery by Dr. F. Dee Rea, the in-house periodontist. Other types of oral surgery include tissue removal, bone and tissue grafting, or other procedures that require extensive work inside the mouth.

Before oral surgery, your dentist and periodontist will discuss with you what you can expect from treatment. We find that it is especially important to communicate with patients and tell them exactly what they may experience before, during, and after oral surgery. Gaining our patients' trust is important in allowing us to provide the best services we can. Sedation techniques are often used to keep patients at ease during treatment.

During oral surgeries, anesthetics and sedation are used in order to keep a patient comfortable. Doctors Karen Frazer Rea and F. Dee Rea are both certified for nitrous oxide and moderate sedation, and Dr. F. Dee Rea is also able to offer IV sedation. This ensures that the patient stays comfortable, relaxed, and anxiety-free during their treatment, and can help make oral surgery easier for both patient and dentist.

Once you have had oral surgery completed, your dentist will go over what you can expect when it comes to recovery times and experiences. When you have surgery in your mouth, it is still surgery on your body, and will require a period of time for it to heal. During this time, Dr. Frazer and Dr. Rea will ensure you are comfortable and can help in prescribing pain medications and address any concerns you may have about discomfort after treatment.

Drs. Karen Frazer Rea and F. Dee Rea have years of experience providing oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry to patients in the Longview area. Together, they will do their best to ensure your comfort and knowledge during any oral surgery procedure. If you want to start having positive experiences in the dentist's chair, call Rea Dental today to schedule a consultation and start enjoying the dentist's office again!
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